Lexus in the United States

Theblissfactory - Lexus is increasingly skyrocketed in the United States do to make Toyota Lexus car assembly in there. Lexus ES 350 Lexus's first car to be assembled in the US. Lexus ES 350 will be
assembled in Georgetown, Kentukcy, starting in 2015. Toyota will produce 50 thousand Lexus ES 350 every year.
With ES produced a total of 350 in the U.S. making Georgetown plant production to 550 thousand vehicles. This production became the first production outside of Japan ES. "Lexus was established in the US, so it is very appropriate if we produce Lexus sedans here," said Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Lexus ES claimed to be the best-selling car in North America, with sales of around 58 thousand units in North America in 2012. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) was founded in 1986 and became Toyota's largest plant outside Japan.

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