BMW and TVS Collaboration 2014

BMW Mottorad and TVS Motor Company announced their strategic partnership. This collaboration is aimed at developing new products. The two companies signed a long-term cooperation in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) today (8/4). BMW and TVS will develop and produce a new
model of motorcycles with engine capacity under 500cc.
For sale will be conducted by each company. These new products are aimed at the Indian market and the economy are on the rise region Asia. BMW will undertake the development of R & D in Germany and TVS will bear the cost of production. Opportunity to have a variant of TVS motorcycles 250-500cc capacity. TVS will make an additional investment of 20 million euros and the first products will be available in 2015.
BMW Motorrad is one of the leading companies in the world's leading motorcycle and recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. BMW currently has 19 models of motorcycles and scooters ranging from 650cc up to 1600cc. If the collaboration between TVS and BMW Motorrad run strategically, will be found a BMW motorcycle with a more economical price and TVS will carry the BMW Motorrad technology.
"This is a long-term strategic partnership program is ideal and very meaningful to us. Will focus on quality, technical excellence and innovation. We intend to utilize the strengths of each to bring new products to offer leading-edge technology, "said Venu Srinivasan, Chairman of TVS Motor Company. This is not the first time an international motorcycle manufacturers have tied up with Indian motorcycle company. Hero Honda has collaborated with but has ended. Similarly, TVS has also been cooperating Suzuki, in 2001 this cooperation was discontinued. Bajaj KTM

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